Ideas for Restaurants - NextrendMillennials are those born between the early 1980s to the early 2000s. These people, now between the ages of 18 – 34 years old, make up a huge part of the market.

Since millennials grew up in a world shaped by technology and the Internet, their lifestyle choices are different. This translates to their dining habits and preferences as well, which means that businesses such as restaurants now have to come up with new ways to attract them.

Below are ideas on how to attract millennials to your restaurant.

Menu Choices

Millennials expect to have more options to choose from in the menu. They have a global palate and are constantly looking for new dishes, drinks, and interesting combinations. Providing them a mix of traditional and non-traditional dishes will surely keep their interest.


Millennials also appreciate opportunities to customise their own meals and dining experiences so provide them an opportunity to do so. McDonald’s did something similar with their Create Your Taste program in the U.S., allowing customers to customise their own sandwiches and burgers. Giving them the freedom to choose based on their own preferences will increase the likelihood of repeat business.

Quality Ingredients

A lot of millennials prefer healthier choices over processed food and are particular about where certain ingredients on their food are grown. Dishes using fresh, healthy, and organic ingredients are a big deal to them.

Quirky, Distinct Decor

Picture-perfect restaurant design appeals to millennials. A restaurant has to be youthful and distinctive because millennials love taking photos, which they share on social media. Choose a fun, eclectic design and add some funky restaurant furniture to pique their interest.

Communal Dining Experience

Millennials are a very sociable bunch and they like to sit together in large groups at long restaurant tables. Some even move around tables and restaurant chairs together depending on their needs. Restaurants with some sort of gathering place will allow millennials to easily socialise.

Open Kitchen

Food transparency is a big deal to this group of people. Not only do they count calories and research on nutritional information and restaurant reviews, they also like being able to see how their food is prepared. Open kitchens provide a way for millennials to see that their food is truly freshly made.


A study revealed that 28 percent of younger millennials and 14% of older millennials with children said that they have visited a restaurant less often because it wasn’t kid friendly. Include more kid-friendly menu options and features so you don’t miss out on this market.

Sustainable Materials

Millennials will trust you if they see that you are exerting effort into making the world a better place. Be a more socially responsible business by using recycled and sustainable materials in your establishment from your furniture, lighting, and packaging materials, among others.

Electrical Outlets and USB Ports

Millennials grew up in a world of gadgets and chances are they’ll be bringing them to your restaurant as well. Provide them with ample electrical outlets and USB ports so that they can plug in and charge while they eat. While you’re at it, provide free WiFi too.

Millennials are going to reshape the economy. It would do well for businesses like yours to start marketing to them now while they are still young. Transform your establishment into one that they will want to visit and frequent – check out our range of restaurant furniture or call us now at 1300 559 965.