Nextrend - Function ChairsCountry club membership fees help to generate income that pays for the facilities, employees, and general upkeep and maintenance of the club. There are plenty of things country clubs can do to boost membership, such as improved marketing, holding events, and offering free goods and services to prospects. Taking the time to research your target market will not only help you to attract new members, but can also help you improve the club and keep members happy.

Market Research

Undertaking market research will help you to get a better idea of who your target market is and what prospects are looking for in a country club. Not only will this offer you an insight into how to best capture new members, but it can also give you a better understanding of what current members want and help you retain members. You can also ask current members about their experience with previous clubs and what attracted them to join your club so you can use this as a selling point for potential members.

Improve Facilities and Services

Take the knowledge gained from your market research to improve your club and offer members exactly what they need. Your members might appreciate children-focused services such as nanny areas and summer camps. They might also think you could improve certain areas, such as food or club furniture. By revamping the club in the areas that need it the most you can help keep your members satisfied.

Change Perceptions

Many people have misguided perceptions about country clubs, including membership limitations. Some think that you have to be a resident of the community in which the club is situated, but this is not the case. Also, most people would want to know they can maximise their club memberships before actually signing up. By targeting a customer base within a 15-minute drive of the country club, you can increase your potential membership base. Many potential members would prefer to sign up with a club closest to their homes so they can be sure that they will have minimal travel time when going to the club.

Update Your Website

These days, people get most of their information from the internet, so make the most of it by updating your website and making it informative and easy to navigate. Your website should show off the best of what the club has to offer, so make sure you provide high quality images and lots of information. Include details of upcoming events to demonstrate what else the club has to offer and keep members informed.

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Hold Club Events

A great way to target new members is to invite them to a club event, such as a free evening that includes food, drinks, prizes, and entertainment. Prizes should appeal to your target audience, such as a free putter or golf lesson. While it may seem costly to offer invitations for a free dinner to a large number of guests, you only need a few people to sign up to generate a great deal in membership fees.

Event Sponsorship

Sponsoring a special event can help to raise awareness of your country club and generate publicity. You could try hosting a media golf tournament with professional golfers as special guests. Alternatively, you could hold a fundraising tournament to raise money for a local charity. Invite professional writers along who could write pieces on the club that will help to spread the word. Make sure you offer the media freebies such as free rounds of golf, food, liquor, golf equipment, and logoed shirts and caps. Offering a positive experience will make you memorable and you will be more likely to receive a favourable review.

The members of a club are, undoubtedly, its lifeblood. Make sure to focus on increasing club memberships or at least maintaining them.