Designing a restaurant fit out or refurbishment can be daunting for many restaurant owners. There are so many aspects of the project to consider, making it possible to overlook some things that could affect the end result.

Here are some interior design tips to keep in mind when planning your restaurant fit out or refurbishment.

Style and Theme 

Before you begin any fit out project, it is important to determine the overall theme you want to achieve. Will you aim for a trendy and modern theme or is your preference for a more intimate style? Perhaps your restaurant maintains a focus on a specific type of cuisine that could benefit from a style akin to the cuisine’s locale?

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Restaurant Furniture

Once you have an idea of the style and theme you would like to achieve, it becomes easier to select restaurant furniture that will enhance the overall atmosphere of the establishment. Of course, you cannot choose your restaurant furniture based on design and style alone. You also need to consider durability and comfort. Good quality furniture is likely to last much longer, meaning fewer expenses for maintenance and replacement. However, opting for comfortable furnishings allows patrons to enjoy their experience within your establishment for longer periods of time.

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You may have the colour scheme and design styles down to a few favourite selections, but have you considered the importance of your lighting choices? The lighting you choose for your restaurant can create an entirely new ambience. As an example, you could opt for bright neutral lighting to make your restaurant appear light and airy. Alternatively, you can select intimate pendant lighting hung above the proposed location of individual tables to lend a more romantic element into your customers’ dining experience.

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Regardless of how well you believe you have laid out your tables and seating plans, there will be occasions when seating will have to be rearranged to suit larger bookings. Ideally, the restaurant furniture you choose should be able to double for intimate seating to suit couples, but should still be able to be moved around to accommodate a larger party.

There is also the consideration of whether furnishings will be moved to an outdoor dining location during opening hours. Offering patrons an outdoor dining option on a balcony, patio or al fresco area can increase seating allocation. However, tables and chairs will need to be brought inside overnight for safe storage. This means chairs may need to be stackable to make storage easier. Stackable chairs can also make closing easier on staff.

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The restaurant furniture you choose may be ideal in terms of theme and design to suit your intended finished look, but have you taken comfort into account? Patrons may visit your establishment to enjoy the delights on your menu, but they will also expect a level of comfort while they’re in your restaurant.

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Budget is often a concern for many restaurant owners, leading many to shop based on price alone. While the temptation to keep costs to a bare minimum can be tempting, it is also important to consider the long-term costs associated with your furnishing purchases.

Ideally, the restaurant furniture you choose should be durable enough to last the long term. Strong, high quality furniture will alleviate the need to repair or replace individual items regularly, which means lower overhead costs for your business in the long run.

When planning a restaurant fit out or refurbishment, you should always take the time to discuss your plans and ideas with a professional restaurant furniture supplier.

Here at Nextrend, we love to help people transform their venues into a practical and creative environment. We will offer suggestions and tips that can help to make your project much smoother. Check out some of the establishment fit outs we have done here.