Club Flooring top picksWhen planning for flooring options for activity centers of business centers like lobbies, reception areas, and clubs, the first consideration would often be geared towards the aesthetic – what will look good and compliment club furniture or which colors will fit with the chosen decor or theme of the place.

However, one consideration that should be more looked into is which flooring options will put up with the abuse of high traffic areas these activity hubs will most likely get. Aside from intense foot traffic and heavy loads, floors are also exposed to different elements: dirt, debris, spilled food and drinks and more. They need to be able to withstand these harsh conditions without wearing out and needing to be replaced or maintained often.

You would also need to consider that high traffic areas are busy centers – long downtimes and the need for frequent repairs and maintenance aren’t options. The flooring needs to be easy to clean. Fast turnarounds are the norm for these areas, with as little disruption to operations or activities as possible.

We rounded up five top picks for your club flooring options.


Natural stone is durable and considered to be a great aesthetic addition to any building establishment.  Not all natural stone floors are resilient for high traffic areas though. Stick with the stronger varieties like granite, limestone, and sandstone. Sealed stone is easy to clean and maintain. However, this is a more expensive option.


Don’t fret – your flooring will not look like a sidewalk or parking lot. Concrete flooring options come in acid-stained, stamped, etched, and tinted concrete and can even be mixed together with other flooring options like embedded tiles and stone. This would be a great alternative so you can infuse design elements in your floors to tie up with an overall theme.


Tile remains to be the most popular choice for flooring even if they can be expensive because it is durable and very low-maintenance. Ceramic tile has been in use for thousands of years and remains to be the number one choice of establishments.  Modern designs coupled with innovative manufacturing have even produced tile that looks and feels like wood.


Hardwood is durable, resilient, and very attractive. It automatically adds value to the room they are installed in. The materials can be costly but it is a worthwhile investment. While others see hardwood flooring options as high maintenance – hardwood floors are susceptible to scratching – there are options like pre-finished wood flooring and finishing textures that can be used to protect your hardwood floors.


Laminate flooring is designed to mimic the appearance of its other flooring option counterparts like stone or hardwood at a much lower cost. Laminate flooring is durable and long lasting but the standard type is susceptible to water damage. If you go with laminate flooring, look for those that have a thick layer of melamine resin. The usual options range from 6-15mm; for high traffic areas it is advisable to go with 12-15mm options.

Mix and Match Options

Like club furniture, flooring is essential to the design and functionality of your activity centers.  There is no clear-cut way when it comes to design but the criteria of durability and functionality should always be factored in when choosing. Consider getting club furniture that is durable but isn’t that heavy such as stackable chairs, so as not to add to the load your flooring will receive. These activity hubs experience a lot of action, including moving (and dragging) of club furniture. Let’s try to make it easier for our floors to last longer.

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