Last Updated 13th January 2017

5-Best-Materials-For-Hospitality-FurnitureForm and function – these are the two standards hotel owners and bar managers need to consider when buying hospitality furniture. Furniture, whether in the hotel, club, restaurant, cafe, or bar, need to be functional and durable as well as aesthetically designed to match the interior design or theme of the place.

The appearance of furniture pieces is as important as its structural strength. In the case of outdoor furniture, for example, they need to be resistant not only to natural elements and the weather, but also be able to withstand abuse from guests and staff and still look appealing! These two factors highly depend on the materials used.

While materials for hospitality furniture rely on whether you are going to be using it indoors or outdoors, here are the five best materials hospitality furniture should be made with:

Option 1: Aluminium or Stainless Steel

Aluminium is a great and popular choice because it can be used for both indoor and outdoor furniture. It is lightweight, easy to clean, and can withstand exposure to extremes in weather conditions. It is also easy to match with different themes, making it an economical choice especially if you decide to renovate or change interiors of your establishment every few years. You can go for minimalist or trendy, even classic with different aluminium-sourced furniture.

At Nextrend, we combine aluminium with different materials to give a modern twist to classic designs like the Vita, Dolce, and Concertina. Designs like the Ali Madrid, Madrid Blue, Lagoa, and the stainless steel-sourced material Carlo are popular for both indoor and outdoor environments.

Option 2: Wrought Iron

Wrought iron is an increasingly popular option, especially for outdoor cafe furniture. It gives off a classy feel, providing you with long-lasting and durable furniture. It is heavier than most materials so having it outdoors is an advantage if you are in a windy area. Otherwise, this might be a challenge moving around indoors, especially if you have floor surfaces prone to scratching.

Option 3: Wicker (Bamboo or Rattan)

Wicker is the more environmentally friendly option, usually sourced from easily renewable materials like cane, bamboo, or rattan. This light material is usually paired with Asian, minimalist decorations. We also have rattan-inspired chairs such as the Palm Chair (which also comes as an Armchair), the Florida Chair, and the Capri Armchair.

Option 4: Wood

Wood continues to be an extremely popular choice for furniture because of the variety of pieces it can produce. Wooden furniture is durable, low-maintenance, and produces natural oils that protect it against rot and deterioration. Wood materials are usually sourced from teak, pine, cedar, and oak.

Nextrend’s popular designs are made from beech or kiln-dried rubberwood with chocolate timber finish. They are a classic piece preferred by many and they come with the chair and barstool versions.

Option 5: Fibreglass or Polypropylene/Moulded Plastic

Fibreglass is one of the newer materials used for furniture, especially for outdoor chairs. It is extremely durable, fade-resistant, and strong. Along with it being waterproof and resistant to moulds, it is understandable why this material has become a popular choice for furniture these days. Maintenance involves the occasional waxing. The only disadvantage for fibreglass furniture is it is extremely heavy, making it hard to move around.

This is why polypropylene or moulded plastic is the best alternative. Our polypropylene products are made even better because they are packed with UV stabilisers and have glass fibre-reinforced legs, thus more durable and lightweight. UV stabilisers enhance the furniture’s durability, making it tough even against the sunniest Australian weather conditions and preventing colour from fading or the furniture piece going brittle. The Air chair, Ares chair, and Maya chair are just a few examples of furniture that are made from moulded plastic. They come in trendy, stylish colours and designs made for both indoor and outdoor environments. The Maya chair for one has a CATAS certificate that complies with European standards, it can handle load up to 160kg!

dolce chairs orange black whiteIt all begins with the right material

Interior designers and architects often advise hotel, restaurant, cafe, and bar owners that good hospitality furniture starts with the right material. The design and appearance of your furniture, like outdoor chairs for example, will be based on the source material you decide with. In the same light, the functionality, durability, and maintenance of your chosen furniture will also depend on the materials you have used.

By choosing the right materials for your hospitality furniture along with considering other factors, such as location (indoors or outdoors) and cost, you will get the best value out of your money. So do your research and don’t be afraid to invest a little more for it when it means you will get a higher quality piece that will last a long time.

Our professional team will happily discuss any requirements for your commercial furniture. Just head over to our Products page to know more and request a free quote – thanks to our huge stocks, we can organise an immediate dispatch and have those delivered quickly to your establishment!