When it comes to figuring out what the best cafes in Australia have in common, the results might not be quite what you would expect. Cafe owners spend money sourcing the best cafe furniture in an effort to create the right ambience within an establishment. They spend more money on advertising to attract more customers. They may even pay higher rent to locate their cafe or restaurant in a location with more foot-traffic passing by or to secure larger premises to fit more patrons in.

However, some of the best cafes in Australia are not renowned for their choice of cafe furniture or their location. Instead, they are renowned for their service, their staff, and the taste sensations they deliver to their customers.

Here are some examples of the best cafes in Australia – and how they got their reputation for being among the best:
CircaEspressoCirca Specialty Coffee – Parramatta – NSW

Circa Specialty Coffee is not located in a high traffic area, nor is it a huge establishment. Rather, it is located in a narrow laneway with a tiny kitchen space that is smaller than most household bathrooms. Yet, the patrons of this successful cafe swear by the high-detail coffee and the taste sensations available on their creative menu.

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Workshop Brothers Specialty Coffee – Glenhuntly, VIC

The Workshop Brothers Specialty Coffee cafe does offer a generous menu of cafe-style food. However, it is the exceptional quality coffee that keeps customers coming back for more. The cafe offers a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere created partially by their choices in cafe furniture, but predominantly due to the friendly staff.

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 Dovetail on OverendDovetail on Overend – Norman Park, QLD

The Dovetail on Overend is only a newly opened establishment, but it is already making a huge splash in the cafe scene. The cafe combines excellent coffee with a casual outdoor cafe ambience, created by way of some unassuming outdoor cafe furniture, and topped off with friendly staff and great service. It certainly seems like a winning combination.

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(image used with permission from http://beanbrewding.wordpress.com/2014/05/08/dovetail-on-overend-in-norman-park/)


Coffee Alchemy – Marrickville, NSW

Easily a stand-out success story, Coffee Alchemy in Marrickville does not even serve food on the menu. Instead, the establishment owner maintains a strong focus on roasting the best beans and brewing the best possible coffee you’ll find anywhere in Sydney. The result keeps patrons coming back time and time again.

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(images used with permission from Twitter and Beanhunter user @SirKieranAllen)

Coffee Alchemy 2 Coffee Alchemy Image

LTD Espresso + Brew Bar – Brisbane, QLD

Another cafe to make the list of best cafes in Australia is the Ltd Espresso + Brew Bar. Read any of the hundreds of positive rave reviews this cafe receives and you’ll see the popularity all comes from the excellent coffee served here. If you read a bit further, the only complaints you will find are from people who are rather put off by the cheap-looking cafe furniture. Of course, as the establishment has only been open for 18 months, there’s still even more room for improvement, so leave the owner’s cafe furniture choices aside and visit for the awesome coffee instead.

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As you can see by the selection of cafes on the list of best cafes in Australia, people will frequent an establishment based on their enjoyment factor. Whether they visit to enjoy the coffee, the cuisine or the atmosphere, the one thing each of these establishments has in common is their friendly, helpful and accommodating staff.

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