Now you are probably wondering why a business that sells Cafe Chairs and Tables would be telling you how you can go about building your own cafe tables. Sure we would love for you to purchase our products, and many of you do, however in some cases your fitout may require something a little on the qwerky side, and in this case, making something truly custom may be the best way to go. So we have proved a few ideas to get you started.

1. Use Timber & Plywood.

Now if you were looking to save money over buying furniture from Nextrend, I am unsure if you will see a lot of benefit going down this road, however if you are wanting something custom, then this is a great way to go. Wood in general is easy to work with and can be finished in numerous ways. However to build something to a commercial level may come at a considerable cost. To save money try and pick up second hand timber. It will add character to your furniture and will give you that rustic or antique look for an affordable price.

2. Recycled Objects

Ok.  This one crosses over a bit with point one, however recycled materials really are a great way to get the job done. Sturdy doors with second hand turned timber legs can make for an interesting table.  You can also go with second hand metals and iron.  These do generally take a bit more skill to work with, and you may only want to work with these material to create your table bases, however the end results can be stunning.  Match with one of our table tops and you have a great custom piece.

3. Shipping Pallet Tables

With a little bit of creativity and imagination, you can turn discarded shipping pallets into attractive tables for your restaurant or cafe. Simply cover the top of the pallet with an appropriate sized laminate board, sand it smooth, and apply a couple of coats of paint for a unique cafe table that your customers will truly appreciate.

Another thing you can do is take the shipping pallets apart and use the wood to build your DIY cafe table. By keeping the original appearance of the pallets as much as possible, you’ll be able to produce artistic pieces that will attract more customers to your restaurant.

You can then add well-crafted hairpin legs to your tables for a classy vintage appeal.

4. Tile Top Cafe Tables

A mosaic table top can be extremely hard wearing and can also show a great level of creativity.  Ideally done by obtaining second hand or broken tiles  and working with these to produce a picture or pattern on the table.  By using a solid piece of timber for the tiles to be glued upon, you will be able to utilise our table bases to create a unique table for your venue.  A few things to consider though is if using new tiles, this can become expensive.  Also the more tiles you use, the more grout between the tiles will be required, and the harder the surface will be to clean.


And of course if you don’t have time to create your own table bases or tops you can always buy these from us.  Our products are all commercial grade, and built for the hospitality industry.