The right marketing strategy can drive up country club memberships and help to retain current members. As membership fees are the key to bringing in a profit for your club, you need to ensure that you market memberships on a year-round basis. In order to market your club successfully you need to have a good understanding of your target market and what your club has to offer them.

Offer Special Invitations

Country and sports clubs are popular amongst business professionals who use the facilities to entertain clients, as well as give presentations. A great way of garnering the interest of local businesses and networking associations is to offer them a taste of what your club has to offer. This could include an invitation to host a meeting or event, which will give them a good idea of the kind of facilities available to them. Offer them a tour, let them try out the different amenities and maybe even throw in a free round of golf.

Networking Events

Another way of attracting the attention of business professionals is to host a specially tailored networking event for those who are a part of a local group or organization. The event can include freebies such as food or drinks to help attract attendance, as well as a tour of the facilities. You can then go on to offer a special membership discount to all those who are members of that particular association or organisation.

Public Relations Campaigns

Make sure that your local community hears about any newsworthy events through online and offline press releases. This can be anything from an upcoming event you are hosting, to new sports classes or improvements you have made to the club. If you have recently undergone renovations such as installing a pool or updating your dining hall with new club furniture, then you should make the most of these changes by announcing them to the public.

If your club has not undergone any recent developments, then you could host a special sporting event to help attract local news outlets, such as a charity golf event with special celebrity guests. While events can sometimes carry high costs, they can also help attract the attention of new members which will bring in a great deal of profits through your membership fees.

Work with a publicist to create a press release with all the details, which can then be sent out to the relevant media outlets. Make sure you use online and offline outlets, such as bloggers and journalists, to help get the word out to a larger crowd.

Focus on the Local Community

A great way to attract the attention of your local community is to implement cause-marketing efforts. By giving back to the area you can gather positive publicity and stand out from your competitors. Make the most of your efforts by donating to causes that are popular amongst your target audience. Besides offering donations, you could also open up your facilities to local nonprofits or youth clubs so they have a space to host events that help to raise money for their organization. Giving something back to the community will help you to be seen in a more positive light and get the public involved in your club. This will help to get the word out about your facilities through word of mouth and PR opportunities.

There are other marketing campaigns that will help boost your club’s membership or at the very least, raise your target market’s awareness of your club. The key is to know your local community and target market, and customise your marketing to appeal to them specifically.