Bar Furniture - NextrendA bar is a favourite hangout for a lot of people. However, with so much competition, you need to step up your game in order to make your customers happy and keep them coming back. One of the ways you can do this is to give your bar a redesign. Maintain your competitive edge by giving your bar a facelift now. Here’s how.

Re-layout Your Bar Area

One of the most common mistakes bar owners make involves bar design. The bar is obviously the main focus of your establishment, which is why bar owners make a big deal about how it should look like.  However, the design should never overshadow function, which will affect not only your bartender’s efficiency and productivity but your profitability as well.

An operationally friendly bar design allows bartenders to quickly serve guests, because you would not want to provide poor service that will leave your guests unsatisfied and will cost you money. Space problems can be overcome by optimising limited space.  Position all bar tools, such as liquor guns and ice makers, and ingredients near the drink prep stations.

Every bartender station ideally must also have a dedicated register, speed rail, garbage disposal unit, and glassware storage. An automated glass washer and a bar sink with foot-operated hot and cold water controls will also help increase efficiency.

Upgrade Your Bar Furniture

Bar furniture contributes to the overall theme of your establishment. Make sure they are not only visually-appealing but up-to-date and comfortable too. If your furniture are all worn out, it’s time you consider an upgrade.

Your choice of furniture will help determine the overall satisfaction of your customers. Before purchasing new ones, first determine the length and width of your tables as well as their height from the ground. Then calculate how many chairs and tables you will need before choosing a style. Leave enough room for people to comfortably walk around.

Consult with furniture suppliers regarding what types of pieces will best fit your bar. Comfort is key to making your guests stay as long as possible. Choose comfortable bar stools that are not only beautiful but also sturdy and made from durable, high quality materials. You can also complement them with matching bar tables.  If you have adequate outdoor space, bar furniture that can withstand the elements is your best bet.

Improve the Ambiance

Nobody wants to hang out in a bar that has bad atmosphere. Creating a good ambience gets your customers in the mood and is therefore a crucial part of their overall bar experience.

To improve your bar’s ambiance, first make sure that it accurately matches your brand. For instance, a couple on a romantic date wouldn’t want bright lights over their table. Lighting is an essential aspect in creating a good ambience. Choose dimmer lights for a more intimate feel. Reserve bright lights for those spots you wish to highlight.

Aside from lighting, music also contributes to the overall customer experience. Make sure that it fits the mood of your bar and that it can be heard by all of your guests without overpowering their conversations.

Serving great food and drinks are not the only factors that makes for a great bar. In order to provide your customers a great dining experience, you should not forget the little details that help make their stay with you a satisfying one.

If you want to know more about how you can improve and redesign your bar, contact us today for a discovery call and how we can help you with your business.