5 Reasons why you should buy Commercial Furniture for your Patio

Posted on January 16th, 2018

In Australia during summer we love the great outdoors.  I am not sure about you, but for me, as I live by the coast, if the air con is not running it is generally way cooler to sit outside on the deck and enjoy the ocean breeze.  The only problem with the great aussie summers, are they can be extremely harsh.  If we don’t keep our fluids up we can dehydrate quickly, too much time in the sun can lead to us turning into lobsters and  then there is the storms, which you certainly don’t want to get caught in.  When it comes to outdoor furniture, it also takes a beating.  So I have come up with this of 5 reasons why you should buy commercial outdoor furniture for your patio.

No. 1 – UV Stabilisation
When we are in the sun, we burn.  When your furniture is left out in the weather, it fades.  Many outdoor chairs are sold as being UV Stabilised, however in testing we have discovered the residential brands we tested did not hold up to the riggers of time compared to our commercial product.  Below is a picture that illustrates 6 months of sun exposure.

As you can see the commercial product still looks like new, whereas the residential product looks like it has seen better days.

No. 2 – Build Quality / Strength
Have you ever sat on one of those outdoor plastic chairs and had a leg break or seen the videos of people having these chairs break on them?

This is due to these chairs being built with a price focus rather than a strength focus.  Commercial Furniture is different.  As a commercial chair is expected to perform day in, day out they need to be built extremely strong.  Now this does not mean they can not be broken, it just means they should be less likely to break.


No. 3 – Versatility
Ok, so far I have focused on Chairs, but what about tables?  At Nextrend we sell Cafe Tables.  Now if you are like me, the majority of the time your outdoor space is occupied by just your immediate family.  However come holiday time, this can swell dramatically to include your extended family and friends.  Having the ability to cater for the increase can be difficult.  However if you consider buying several square commercial tables you will be able to reconfigure seating with ease.  Let me give you an example.  In my household there is 4 of us.  However over Christmas this swelled to 20 for Christmas Lunch.  By utilising 2 square tables as dining tables inside our house, and 2 outside, we can easily cater to 6 – 8 people inside and 6 – 8 people outside, providing us with seating for up to 16 people.  This of course leaves us 4 short.  In my case I decided to add a bar table outside near the bbq to cover the last 4, however an additional table could also be used in the house as a desk or setup in an additional seating area outside.  The other great thing about utilising these tables is you can have everyone sit at one long table, or split the kids off to their own or even just group everyone in lots of 4.  You can run a long table, a big square table, or even a u shaped table.  In addition to this if you pair your tables with stackable seating, you can easily store any additional seating you may require, but don’t necessarily want to keep out at all times.


No. 4 – Weather Resistant
Many indoor tables and chairs will not fair well outside.  You would not want your general sofa exposed to rain and sun, however commerical outdoor furniture is built for this.  The majority of products available are waterproof which means if one of those summer super cells drops down on your place, the furniture should not be too concerned with the rain and possible hail.


No. 5 – Longevity
Have you ever purchased that cheap tool or product, and later wished you had spent the money on getting something decent?  I know I have.  As you can see from the image used above, buying the cheaper option can sometimes lead to a product requiring more frequent replacement. I know for me if I had of purchased the chair that has faded for home, and only managed to get one Christmas out of it I would not be happy.   In the case of the chairs shown above the commerical chair is approximately 30% more expensive than the residential chair, however you can see the lifespan of the commercial product far outweighs the additional cost.  Based on the fading alone, if I wanted my outdoor area to look impressive (and lets face it when people are coming to visit, who doesn’t) I would need to replace those residential chairs every 3 to 6 months.  But I guess you are saying, surely this would be covered under warranty?  Depending on the chair, it might be, however most warranties will not cover fading due to a high amount of weather exposure.  With our Commerical products in the majority of instances we would cover this, but when it comes to the residential product I would not be as certain.


So hopefully I have provided enough of an argument   to show why commercial furniture is a great option for your patio.  Sure it may cost a bit more initially, but if you like to live outdoors the comfort, strength and versatility & longevity should result in savings in the long term.