Ultimate Guide for Furnishing the Oddly Shaped Restaurant

Posted on October 29th, 2016

We’ve all dined in restaurants that are laid out in an awkward manner or simply have an uncomfortable feel to them. It’s as if the restaurant itself was an afterthought. Spaces that are awkward create an uneasy feeling that disrupts the pleasure of dining out in the first place. Maybe the tables and chairs are just too close for comfort or the restaurant itself has oddly shaped or uneven spaces. One thing restaurant owners should always do is assess the space for maximum seating whilst retaining an ambience of comfort and style. Companies such as Nextrend offer consultations and tips for furnishing the most awkward of spaces. Here are a few things to consider.


See the Blank Space

To get a feel for the restaurant, remove all the furniture. Open the doors and remove window coverings of any sort. You’ll be hit with the stark reality of the room.

Look first at the ceiling. Check for any slopes or strange angles that add to the awkwardness of the room. Take note of narrow spaces as they relate to more open areas.

Traffic Flow of Restaurant

Draw a floor plan of the space and take measurements. Figure out the path of least resistance from door to seating, kitchen to tables and guests to and from the restroom. In other words, where will the heavy and constant traffic be taking place? Add this information to your drawing and include measurements.

Restaurant Furniture

Did the space come furnished and if so, is it in good shape or is it beyond the trendy shabby chic and just plain shabby? Is it possible to simply refinish what you already have or is it beyond repair? Often times, booths and chairs look brand new with a little polish and new upholstery covering. Most of the time, it’s best to start over.

Restaurants with tables and chairs allow more flexibility for accommodating large and uneven parties than booth only restaurants. Sometimes a mix of the two works best. Keep in mind that booths tend to look more casual than tables and chairs although if done correctly, can be a good fit in a fine dining establishment as well as a casual one.

Style & Brand

One of the most important things about restaurant design is making sure the style you choose matches your branding. Everything, all the details large and small come together to create an overall first and lasting impression that reinforces your brand. When you start out with an oddly shaped or awkward seating area, it’s even more important to create the right atmosphere. Focus on what makes your restaurant special and do what you can to enhance the dining experience.

Splash Color

Consider what can be done with color, both in the furniture and on the walls. Using contrast or an unexpected color palette can add a wow factor to an otherwise dull or weird layout.

Add Artwork

For several years, the trend was to cover restaurant walls with all manner of things, related or not. Roadsigns, sports equipment, posters and photographs of famous people adorned walls from the corner pub to upscale eateries. Seafood restaurant walls were covered in line, nets, lures and anchors. In odd or cramped layouts, this style is often claustrophobic.

While your decor should match and enhance your brand and theme, a seafood restaurant doesn’t necessarily require nets and seashells all over the walls anymore than sports bars need only be field green.

The latest trends in restaurant interiors include color splashes in both furnishings and artwork. For instance, all your chairs can be white except 25% and those will be a bright contrasting color. This adds pop to an otherwise plain expanse of seating. Instead of covering the walls with anything you can think of in the way of decoration, consider showcasing artwork.

Fabulous art pieces are like good friends. People don’t get tired of seeing them. If you find it boring to have the same pieces on display, treat your walls like a gallery and sell them but always have replacements ready to hang. Or have a special section showcasing local artisan’s work and offer those pieces for sale on commission.

Non-Food Sales

Play up your oddly shaped eatery with non-food sales. T-shirts and locally crafted specialty items are desirable, especially in tourist areas. This can be achieved without being cheesy or a souvenir trap by choosing carefully exactly what to offer. Maybe a sauce or signature dessert created by your chef would be a good start. Whatever it is, if anything at all, make sure it fits your style and branding. Don’t simply pile a bunch of junk purchased in bulk by the door and hope for the best. Plenty of souvenir shops exist for that sort of thing already.

Lighting Tips

One of the most important decorating tricks of the trade is lighting. The right lighting makes all the difference in any restaurant and certainly for one with an awkward layout. It needs to be bright and focused enough that people can read the menu but not harsh and glaring. Pay attention to the angle of the sun throughout open hours as well. There are plenty of blinds and shades made especially for blocking direct sunlight while not blocking the view.


Music is nice and even expected in most restaurants. Whether you go with soft background music or something more contemporary depends on the type of establishment. One thing to remember though, unless it’s a nightclub or honky-tonk of some sort, stay away from blaring ear-piercing music. If customers can’t talk without yelling across the table, the music is too loud. Oddly shaped spaces may require more acoustical preparation for sound than the average boxy space.

All Together

The key to an overall excellent experience is everything coming together despite the odd or awkward space. Comfortable pleasant surroundings plus excellent food and top notch service will leave guests eager to visit again.

Top 5 Commercial Hospitality Furniture Brands in Australia

Posted on October 28th, 2016

When purchasing commercial hospitality furniture brands, you will encounter wildly differing quality standards. Manufacturers in can hold themselves to drastically varying standards when it comes to quality control, customer service and attention to detail. Bearing these factors in mind, we’ve compiled this list featuring the best commercial hospitality furniture manufacturers in Australia.

Sifting through the various brands of commercial furniture can be quite an exercise. There are thousands of brands, each targeted at different tastes and needs. Deciding which brands can best cater to your and your company’s needs can be a daunting task.

Today, staying comfortable while still being on-trend is very different from what it was before. Manufacturers used to have a hard time coming up with designs that could withstand abuse from kids and adults, while staying true to their designs. These days, furniture used in the restaurant and hospitality industry no longer has this problem, and many brands have amazed businesses with their sturdy and attractive designs.

Here at Nextrend, we carry some of the best commercial furniture brands available

Nextrend Furniture stocks furniture from numerous award-winning brands. If you can’t find a brand you’re after on the site, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always expanding our range.

Siesta Outdoor Hospitality Furniture

Siesta, which was founded in 1987, specialises in resin-based outdoor commercial furniture, designs that are contemporary yet functional. All outdoor furniture from Siesta upholds the highest commercial standards, and is perfect for parks, restaurants and hotels. Their restaurant tables and chairs are very hardy in all types of weather and thrive outdoors, yet their elegance leads to their sometimes being brought indoors.

restaurant furniture brisbane

New Rattan Chairs by Siesta

Siesta fuses artistic sensibility with technology, functionality with attractiveness, and quality with creativity. In addition, the brand’s strategy not only ensures high quality products, but also an effective distribution channel. Siesta is one of the world’s foremost experts in using plastics, and their highly eclectic and original collection is popular with international clients. Their products include multi-purpose tables and chairs which are flexible enough to be used in a wide range of situations. Products from Siesta are well-known all over the world and offer comfort and enjoyment that stand the test of time.

Werzalit Tables

Nextrend carries a wide range of Werzalit tables which are of the highest quality and can serve your business needs.


Werzalit tables come in all shapes and sizes, and to suit all types of décor and tastes. Werzalit’s manufacturing process, which is patented, enables their products to retain their good looks for a long time. Werzalit table tops are perfect for designer-style or bistro-style restaurants. Their signature high pressure laminate technique offers tables extra protection and prevents cracking or bubbling. These tables are shipped straight from Europe and have found homes in many of Australia’s restaurants and premium cafes.

Duraseat Chairs

Duraseat chairs, most of which are Australian-made, offer some of the country’s most popular seating. Duraseat is a reliable brand which carries all types of seating, from stack chairs with padded seats to indoor and outdoor commercial seating.

Duraseat Outdoor Chairs

Duraseat Outdoor Chairs

Nextrend carries Duraseat’s full range of products, which have been created to fulfil the seating needs of hotels, restaurants and schools all over Australia. Duraseat also has a generous range of barstools suited to restaurants and cafes. With an ample range of vinyls, fabrics and patterns on offer, Duraseat can outfit any office, restaurant, public space or club.

Durabase Table Bases

Nextrend’s Durabase offers one of Australia’s widest ranges of materials, styles and finishes when it comes to table bases.

Durabase Blitz Folding Table Base

Durabase Blitz Folding Table Base

These bases for restaurant tables are crafted using an excellent range of styles and materials, including standard bases made of cast iron and decorative bases made of aluminium, cast iron, wrought iron, stainless steel, metal and chrome. Many of the bases can have their heights customised. There’s a product for every budget, ranging from affordable table bases made of cast iron to high end bases that can be matched to any table top. The biggest selection of table bases for restaurants is available on Nextrend’s site and we offer some of the best prices for all types of businesses.

  • Heavy duty
  • Finishes suitable for outdoor use
  • Heights can be customised
  • Durable and stable
  • High quality
  • Easy cleaning
  • Full warranties

Duratop Table Tops

We offer an excellent range of table tops for restaurants, so you’ll be spoilt for choice. Our products include woodgrain, stone, colours and solid planked table tops made of hard wood, as well as resin, veneer, stainless steel, laminated, veneer, granite table tops which can be used both indoors and outdoors. Table tops from Duratop are covered by warranties, and these high quality products are made to endure in restaurants which face high traffic. No matter what type of table top you seek for your business or restaurant, whether high-end, budget, outdoors or indoors, we’re here to help.

Warranties and Shipping Information

All our chairs, table bases and table tops are accompanied by factory warranties. These commercial-grade products are of the highest quality and suitable for restaurants which face high traffic.

Free freight shipping is provided to Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and the Sydney Metro Areas for all orders which exceed $2,000, GST not included.

We also offer excellent shipping rates to all of Australia. If you do not qualify for free shipping, contact us and we will give you a shipping quote to any area in Australia.

Freight Damage

All products are professionally prepared and packaged for shipping to ensure no damage occurs during the shipping process. If your item arrives damaged, simply email a picture of the item in question to sales@nextrend.com.au describing the damage and providing your invoice number. Please note that this must be done within 3 days of your receipt of the item. Replacements will be sent as soon as possible.

Contact Nextrend Furniture

Here at Nextrend Furniture, we are committed to assisting you in your search for the perfect restaurant chairs, table bases and table tops for your enterprise. Whether you need commercial table tops for indoor or outdoor areas, and budget or high-end restaurant furniture, our friendly staff members can give you a hand and help you find the perfect pieces. Speak with us today to learn more.

Want to place an order? Just give us a ring at 1300 558 085!

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Find Used Hotel Furniture in Brisbane

Posted on October 25th, 2016

If you’re looking for second hand furniture to furnish your hotel, one of the most attractive options available is used hotel furniture

It can often be purchased at great prices by the general public, and is easy to find if you know where to look. Hotel furniture has the great advantage of frequently being in better condition than household furniture, since hotels renovate from time to time and tend to replace their furniture as frequently as every couple of years.

Check out our project pages below for a selection of our recent work on the The Sebel Maroochydore Hotel – https://nextrend.com.au/projects/hote-furniture-maroochydore-qld/

Where Does Used Hotel Furniture Go?

To know where to find hotel furniture, it helps to know where it goes when hotels can no longer use it. Hotels engage liquidators to get rid of used furniture and resell it. Liquidation simply refers to the process of exchanging goods for cash. Liquidators are typically paid at least $100 per room to dispose of the furniture within. These companies take away the furniture and then sell it for about 25% of the original retail price.

A Few Pieces of Advice

Furniture isn’t the only thing you can buy. Other items, such as alarm clocks, dishes, coffee makers and television sets are put up for sale, too.

You might also get the opportunity to buy new hotel furniture by leveraging on prices received by the hotel. If you make friends with a hotel manager in the area, you may be allowed to add other items to your order, too.

All furniture should be inspected for defects, dents and scratches before you agree to buy it. Look out for stores which specialise in hotel supplies for a constant supply of used furnishings from various hotels. Otherwise, here are some places where you can purchase used hotel furniture.


This classifieds site is your go-to for virtually any purchasable item you can think of. Unfortunately, you’ll have to sift through thousands of items, many of which will be completely irrelevant to you. But with the huge quantity comes the promise of hidden gems.

How to purchase: Search strategically by using quotation marks in order to filter out irrelevant items. For instance, enter “hotel furniture” with the quotation marks into the search bar. Use the gallery view to more efficiently rule out irrelevant results based on their visuals alone and without having to click through the listings. The mode of payment, whether cheque, cash or PayPal, will be settled privately between the seller and buyer.


eBay is one of the best sites for used hotel furniture of great quality. Searching for products is very easy thanks to eBay’s search function. Simply enter the relevant keywords into the search bar, and then narrow down the results if necessarily using the tools provided by the site. The filters should enable you to separate the listings for used hotel furniture from new items, find items close to you, and more. You can also use more detailed keywords to narrow search results further. For instance, search for “hotel furniture in Brisbane” and you’ll receive listings of objects located in the city.

Making a purchase: When you purchase furniture on the internet, transportation must be arranged by either the seller or you. This will involve some degree of cooperation and coordination between the two of you. You also want to ensure your purchase is covered by shipping insurance. Make sure you examine the product and the seller closely to ensure your transaction proceeds without a hitch.

Re-use centres

Reuse centres are typically run by non-profit organisations to benefit the community. Hunting in a re-use centre often reveals a treasure trove of used items, including used hotel furniture.

Re-use centres located in the Brisbane area

Acacia Ridge Tip Shop
Address: 46 Colebard Street West, Acacia Ridge QLD 4110

Geebung Tip Shop
Address: 27A Prosperity Place, Geebung QLD 4034

Yesterdays Thrift Shop
Address: 39 Nash Street, Paddington QLD 4064

The above information is useful to members of the public as well as interior designers in educating them as to where gently-used hotel furniture can be purchased at a greatly reduced price.

Nextrend knows commercial hospitality furniture has to stand up to the rigours of hard, constant use. So we can work with you and our manufacturers to make custom modifications if needed to reinforce the stability and durability of your hotel tables, stools, chairs, beds and lounges! For more information on purchasing hotel furniture go to https://nextrend.com.au/industries/hotel-furniture/ or call (07) 3257 7272

Buying Guide for Club Furniture

Posted on October 18th, 2016

Selecting suitable club furniture starts by asking two questions: what kind of club do you manage, and what kind of furniture do you desire?

The scope of works for the Rockhampton Jockey Club  was to freshen up the club restaurant furniture with minimal amount of disruption to business – Click to here to view project photos

Your seats are representative of the type of club you manage. Wooden chairs express a feeling of quality and warmth. Metal chairs can feel cold and sound loud.
Think about comfortability when choosing furniture. Club chairs come in various sizes. That said, the seat’s size and the back’s height are two critical aspects. Seats are typically as wide as 16, 18, or 20 inches. Small seats generally are used in areas with a high turnaround, like cafés.

A social club may require more of a bar or pub set-up. In a sports club, consider going with a lounge area. Whatever kind of club you manage, there are plenty of choices available to you, some of which are quite versatile if your venue isn’t themed.

Furniture for Club Bar

If alcohol is served at your bar, consider using club bar furniture.
If your club is a members-only venue, your patrons may feel an attachment with your facilities. Therefore, you may be able to spend some money on more elegant bar furniture, such as leather sofas, upholstered stools, and the like. Read the Guide to Buying Bar Stools

Keeping your budget in mind, you might be able to include the cost of such furniture in the membership fees you charge.
If your club does charge a membership fee, your guests expect a sense of luxuriousness in the venue, more so than your local bar. Patrons of a member’s club justifiably expect to feel more welcome than they do at other establishments. Decorating the interiors with elegant furniture can help you create such a feeling.

Furniture for Sports Clubs

Even though sports clubs don’t actually need very much furniture, there are many spaces that should have appropriate tables and chairs.
For instance, your reception area may be a spot where friends meet up before partaking in a workout. Ensure there are plenty of chairs for them to be comfortable in while they wait or mingle.
A lounge area with plenty of seating allows patrons to relax between workouts, or to cool down after a good exercise session.

It is worthwhile to have a large selection of stackable chairs on hand, allowing your venue to be used for special events, meetings, open houses or performances.
Nextrend offers excellent selection of commercial furniture to make any RSL, sports, business or night club comfortable, and stylish. Check out our range of club furniture as well to complete all your furniture needs.

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Choosing the Right furniture for Your Brisbane Restaurant

Posted on October 14th, 2016

So you’ve decided to open a restaurant in Brisbane. Anyone who’s attempted to do so should know just how many details you need to attend to ensure that your restaurant enjoys a successful first day. From designing the menu, hiring and training staff and applying to the Brisbane City Council for the correct business licences to purchasing quality seating, tables and booths, be prepared to put in a huge effort in order to ensure your restaurant creates a fantastic first impression. Here at Nextrend, we know how to help your restaurant succeed. Here is some advice on choosing the best furniture for your restaurant.

Always prioritise quality

When you’re on a tight budget, it can be tempting to select the cheapest available furniture. But restaurateurs need to take a long-term view of their purchases. Inexpensive furniture will not last, and wear and tear will quickly take its toll. Furniture is the one thing your guests are going to be using multiple times per day, so if you’re going to invest in something it should be this.

Purchase from wholesalers

Whether your restaurant is a tiny bistro or a gigantic restaurant where banquets are held, always try to purchase your supplies from a wholesaler. Buying in bulk from a wholesaler can save you a lot of money, and you won’t have to worry about having insufficient supplies when you need extra tables and chairs for a private function, or have to replace broken furniture. It’s a good idea to always have spare chairs, tables and bar stools on hand, so choose a supplier who enables you buy in bulk at a discount.



The comfort of your customers should be your priority. Choosing restaurant seating is different from choosing seating for other purposes.

Look for chairs that are either upholstered or generously padded, or constructed with a firm material that has been moulded to fit a person who’s sitting down. Restaurant seating of high quality will always fulfil one of the above criteria.

Your tables and chairs also have to be in sync which each other. Their heights need to complement each other, and diners, whether children or adults, must be able to pull the chair close enough to make food on the table easily accessible.


Nobody wants to walk into a restaurant that’s an eyesore, so the appearance of your furniture is crucial to consider. However, you should not have to compromise on comfort for looks. Once you have picked a theme and a colour palette, abide by it. Trying to squeeze in too many colours or design themes is a recipe for disaster and will result in your restaurant looking cluttered, messy or confusing, none of which will satisfy your customers.

Obtain a Fixed Footpath Dining Furniture Permit

Food businesses in Queensland will need to apply for a permit in order to enable their customers to dine al fresco.

The rules governing the permit are designed to make sure all users of the footpath are safe even as your customers dine outdoors. The rules indicate where and when certain things can be done on the footpath. The footpath is also divided into distinct zones.

Contact the Brisbane City Council if you are unsure as to which areas you can place your tables and chairs in, or whether a particular part of the area is zoned as a council footpath or some other kind of communal area. The Brisbane City Council can supply information pertaining to all types of food licences, as well as the types of permits that are needed to enable customers to dine outdoors or on footpaths.

Adequate clearance

Your diners aren’t the only ones who’ll be navigating the premises of your restaurant. You’ll have to ensure you leave enough space between tables for not only your customers but also your waitstaff to pass without having an accident or disturbing diners. Adequate clearance lowers the risk of broken plates or unfortunate spills.

If space is in short supply at your restaurant, you might want to opt for dining chairs with straight backs, since these enable diners to eat comfortably without getting back aches while still maximising the amount of clearance space behind them.

Nextrend’s furnishing ranges for restaurants and cafes

No matter what type of furniture you need, you can rely on Nextrend, who are experts in the supply of top-notch commercial furniture for virtually every kind of hospitality business.

Our showroom is located on Tufnell Road, amidst a range of industrial and residential spaces in the Banyo-Nudgee area. It is easily accessible from major arterials and there is ample parking on the premises. If you are coming by public transport, the Banyo Railway Station is situated to the north of our warehouse on St Vincents Road, by the Brisbane City Council.

Contact us via email and let us know how we can help. We will reply within 24 hours and provide you with a quotation enabling you to enjoy the lowest possible furniture prices and shipping costs.

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