Nextrend December 2015 Video – Florence Chair and Silly Season

Posted on November 30th, 2015

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6 Tips For Increasing Club Member Engagement

Posted on November 17th, 2015

Last Updated 30th November 2016

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Club member engagement is the driving force of retention, so it is important that you do what you can to promote it. Club members choose to renew their membership not just due to the club’s prices and facilities, but also because they feel like they are part of a community.

This means getting your club members involved in every aspect of the club, whether it is in-club, online or through their mobile device. By ensuring you cater to every club demographic and adapt the way you target different customers, you can help to drive engagement, increase retention and boost revenue.



In order for members to feel like a part of the club’s community, it is important to offer ample socialising opportunities. Explain the value of member recognition to your employees and make sure new members get involved in the club by assigning them with a mentor who will help with introductions and inform them of upcoming events. This will help them to feel welcomed to the club and make it easier for them to integrate into the community.

Group activities

Group activities can help to get your members engaged with the club and with each other. It gives them a social setting in which to meet other members and build up relationships. Try offering activities such as group personal training, fitness or golf lessons. Members who regularly attend a group activity will get to know other members, which makes it more likely that they will want to renew their membership.


Regular updates

Get your members engaged online by creating relevant content on your website and social media sites. You can use these channels to keep members informed of upcoming promotions, new events or groups. Try to create a schedule to ensure your content is regularly updated to keep members checking in. If you post pictures of a recent event on your Facebook page, tag members that attended. This will help to promote member engagement and attract other users on social media.

Promote feedback

Use social media to seek out feedback and help shape the future of the club. You could ask members to engage by voting on new events or groups to bring in. You could even ask for feedback on areas of improvement. This could mean bringing in new club furniture or gym equipment that may be a little worse for wear. Making changes such as purchasing much needed commercial furniture can help to make the club more attractive and improve retention.

Mobile app

Interactive features

Mobile apps are a great way to get your members involved and you can easily adapt them to your club and target audience. Golf clubs can make apps with live leader boards, interactive scorecards, golf games and stat trackers. Sports clubs can include features such as fitness challenges and group competitions, allowing users to see how other members are progressing in their fitness journey.

Push alerts

Having a club app will allow members to essentially subscribe to your club and gives you an opportunity to send them instant communication through the use of push notifications. These will pop up on the users’ screen and can be used to alert them of new promotions, breaking club news and as a way to highlight different areas of your club. These can be sent to every member, or in targeted campaigns that focus on a specific target audience.

How comfortable your club members are when using your club facilities will also affect your member engagement. Nextrend provides high quality club furniture that will surely make your members stay longer and keep coming back.

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Coral Table Bases: Perfect for Any Season

Posted on November 4th, 2015

coral table baseA new season has just arrived and it’s time to freshen up your hospitality furniture with the season’s hottest colours. We at Nextrend Furniture, have the perfect table bases in a bright array of colours that make them perfect for any season.

Your establishment’s visual appeal and comfort play major roles in your customer’s overall experience and this includes your choice of colours. Colour affects people’s psychology, which means that you must select a palette that is both captivating and appetizing to encourage your customers to eat and drink happily.

Freshen up your restaurant tables and cafe tables with vibrant and lively colours with our Coral Table Bases. Designed and made in Australia, our latest range meets the highest standards in design and durability. It is available in a wide range of vibrant colours that will help create a fun and lively vibe for your restaurant or cafe.

These highly versatile table bases are available in either round or star design and can be ordered in standard or bar height. Pair them with your choice of tabletops. These bases can be used with an 800mm square tabletop through to a 600mm diameter tabletop.

The Coral Table Bases are also protected by highly weather resistant powder coating, making them perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Plus, its simple 3-piece assembly makes for easy installation too.

Wondering which chair to pair your tables with? Our Dolce Chair is the perfect companion. It’s comfortable, strong, durable, versatile and easy to maintain. Created with an extra wide clearance, UV stable plastic shell and anodised aluminium legs, the Dolce Chair is built to withstand heavy treatment and the rough Australian weather. You can choose from a huge selection of colour choices too.

Afraid of too much colour? Those who prefer more subdued hues need not fret. We, at Nextrend Furniture, have a large stockholding of a wide variety of hospitality furniture in various colours and textures, such as our popular Resin Rattan range, that will help make your restaurant or café ready for any season.

Let us help you show your business’ true colours. Check out our selection of outdoor chairs and tables now to learn more about our new exciting range of products. You can also get a free, no obligations quote by calling 1300 559 965 or by filling up our quote cart.