3 Restaurant Design Ideas To Welcome The Summer

Posted on October 27th, 2015

restaurant design

When it comes to designing your restaurant or giving it a bit of a facelift, you need to consider the journey your diners will be going on. They come in looking to escape from their normal home setting, so it’s about providing them with the full dining experience. That means putting a focus on your interior design, as well as the food and service. Restaurant furniture plays a big part in creating an environment that will captivate your diners and keep them coming back for more.

We take inspiration from the latest hospitality interior design trends to give you 3 restaurant design ideas to help you welcome the summer. From casual dining, to futuristic vibes and classic sophistication, there is a design idea to suit any restaurant style. Give your customers a modern and fresh dining experience with a little help from the latest design trends.

Look to the Future

As interior designers look to take a step away from the rustic vibe to something a little more futuristic, it’s time to think about using more innovative materials. Design is set to take on a more innovative style for the summer, with a big emphasis on materials and textures incorporated into your interiors. Impress your customers with bold designs that capture their imagination and gives them a glimpse of what the future holds.

Opt for futuristic colours and inventive designs when choosing your restaurant chairs for an easy way to upgrade your restaurant design. Nextrend’s Air Chair, a chair that is a one-piece injection moulded polypropylene, offers a very modern vibe and comes in an array of captivating colours. It’s the perfect choice for giving your restaurant a more futuristic vibe for the bright summer season.

Simply Sophisticated

Get away from the clutter and look to create a more classic environment that is all about simple sophistication. Opt for a warm colour palette and naturally rich, earthy tones to create an authentic ambience with a sense of understated luxury. The aim is to achieve a look that is classic, yet comfortable and inviting.

Wooden restaurant tables and chairs can be used to add a natural, yet classic element to your interior styling. Having good indoor furniture provides those who prefer to escape the summer heat by dining inside your restaurant. Nextrend’s Florence Chair Range offers an elegant design, featuring a solid timber frame that perfectly captures this simple and authentic vibe. Remember, simple doesn’t have to mean boring, so don’t be afraid to incorporate intricate design elements along with your more simple styling.

Casual Dining

Customers are still enjoying the casual dining trend, staying on the lookout for restaurants serving good, moderately priced food in a relaxed setting. Interior design plays a key role in creating the right ambience that will leave customers happy and relaxed. With this trend comes a variety of seating options, with different restaurant chairs and table combinations giving each area in your establishment a unique feel. Diners will soon develop a favourite space, with different arrangements suiting different preferences.

This trend allows restaurant owners to maximise the space they have, without needing to worry about everything matching up. Bring in restaurant furniture that gives customers lots of different seating options for any time of day. It’s all about creating an environment that leaves your diners feeling comfortable and cosy in an informal setting.

Thinking about giving your restaurant a new look in time for the summer? Visit Nextrend’s restaurant furniture range to help achieve your latest design ambitions.

4 Country and Sports Club Marketing Ideas

Posted on October 26th, 2015

The right marketing strategy can drive up country club memberships and help to retain current members. As membership fees are the key to bringing in a profit for your club, you need to ensure that you market memberships on a year-round basis. In order to market your club successfully you need to have a good understanding of your target market and what your club has to offer them.

Offer Special Invitations

Country and sports clubs are popular amongst business professionals who use the facilities to entertain clients, as well as give presentations. A great way of garnering the interest of local businesses and networking associations is to offer them a taste of what your club has to offer. This could include an invitation to host a meeting or event, which will give them a good idea of the kind of facilities available to them. Offer them a tour, let them try out the different amenities and maybe even throw in a free round of golf.

Networking Events

Another way of attracting the attention of business professionals is to host a specially tailored networking event for those who are a part of a local group or organization. The event can include freebies such as food or drinks to help attract attendance, as well as a tour of the facilities. You can then go on to offer a special membership discount to all those who are members of that particular association or organisation.

Public Relations Campaigns

Make sure that your local community hears about any newsworthy events through online and offline press releases. This can be anything from an upcoming event you are hosting, to new sports classes or improvements you have made to the club. If you have recently undergone renovations such as installing a pool or updating your dining hall with new club furniture, then you should make the most of these changes by announcing them to the public.

If your club has not undergone any recent developments, then you could host a special sporting event to help attract local news outlets, such as a charity golf event with special celebrity guests. While events can sometimes carry high costs, they can also help attract the attention of new members which will bring in a great deal of profits through your membership fees.

Work with a publicist to create a press release with all the details, which can then be sent out to the relevant media outlets. Make sure you use online and offline outlets, such as bloggers and journalists, to help get the word out to a larger crowd.

Focus on the Local Community

A great way to attract the attention of your local community is to implement cause-marketing efforts. By giving back to the area you can gather positive publicity and stand out from your competitors. Make the most of your efforts by donating to causes that are popular amongst your target audience. Besides offering donations, you could also open up your facilities to local nonprofits or youth clubs so they have a space to host events that help to raise money for their organization. Giving something back to the community will help you to be seen in a more positive light and get the public involved in your club. This will help to get the word out about your facilities through word of mouth and PR opportunities.

There are other marketing campaigns that will help boost your club’s membership or at the very least, raise your target market’s awareness of your club. The key is to know your local community and target market, and customise your marketing to appeal to them specifically.

Sydney, We Are Here To Serve You

Posted on October 21st, 2015

Nextrend Furniture Sydney

We are excited to better serve our Sydney clients with our relocation to our new Sydney showroom. Cafes, restaurants, bars, hotels, and clubs in Sydney will now have easy and convenient access to our showroom where they can view an extensive range of hospitality furniture.

We are also ready to bring our products to you – just send us an email at sales@nextrend.com.au or call 1300 559 965. Our new showroom is located at 2 Holbeche Road, Arndell Park. Showroom visits are by appointment only so call us now for an appointment and we’ll be happy to help you with all your commercial furniture needs.

4 New Fiscal Year Resolutions For Hospitality Businesses

Posted on October 15th, 2015

4 New Fiscal Year Resolutions for Hospitality BusinessesAs we say hello to the new fiscal year, hospitality business owners across Australia are faced with new and exciting opportunities for growth. Rather than simply concentrating on tax minimisation strategies, small business owners should be focusing on growth strategies. As part of your new fiscal year resolutions, you should put the emphasis on tactics that will help you to attract more customers and increase sales.

Plan ahead and make sure you take any relevant tax changes into account. Take on board customer feedback and use it to set yourself a goal, such as opening up an outside seating area. By staying in the know, you can take advantage of relevant tax deductions to invest in new commercial furniture, grow your business and look forward to a strong year. Planning ahead allows you to make the most of the new fiscal year and avoid last minute rushes come June.

Plan ahead

In order to make the most of the new fiscal year, you need to make sure you plan ahead. Review your finances with your accountant and take a look at your performance in the last year. Did you meet the performance targets you set yourself? If not, what can you do differently this year? To get real growth, you should be taking the time to review anything that may have gone wrong the previous year.

Budget for the long term and prepare yourself for any possible changes in the market by doing the appropriate forecasting. Don’t just use last year’s budget as a template, it’s better to start from scratch, especially if there is a lot of room for improvement. It may sound like more work today, but you will be much better off by the time it gets to June.

Pay attention to tax changes

With the Government announcing various changes in their Small Business and Jobs Package, small businesses should keep an eye on any new measures that apply to them. You don’t want to miss out on an important tax break that could be instrumental to your growth strategy.

If you own a small hospitality business, you should make sure you take advantage of immediate tax deductions on assets costing less than $20k. Work it into your plan to make the most of the tax breaks from the start.

Set yourself a goal

In order for your business to grow, you need to set yourself a goal. Whether you plan on opening up new locations, hire new staff, expand seating areas or look into new food delivery options, having a clear goal will help you to put the proper financial planning in place.

If your goal was to expand your seating areas to allow for more customers, you can take advantage of the $20,000 tax deduction and buy yourself new hospitality furniture. By investing in quality commercial furniture, you can attract new customers and increase your revenue.

Listen to feedback

If you don’t already ask your customers for feedback, you should make it a priority for this year. There is no point setting yourself goals for growing your business, if they are not in line with what your customers are demanding. Listen to what your customers are saying and try and work it into your growth strategies to achieve higher success rates.

Your staff could also be a valuable source of knowledge, so make sure you involve them in your planning. If they know a local restaurant is planning on raising their prices, you want to make the most of the opportunity early on.

Nextrend can help you make the most out of your fiscal year. Plan ahead and take advantage of immediate tax deductions by upgrading your hospitality furniture. Check out our wide range of restaurant chairs, tables, bar stools, and lounges now!

When it Comes to Restaurant Furniture Supply, Nextrend is the Only Trend You Need to Know

Posted on October 9th, 2015

Very few things say more about the kind of restaurant you operate than the furniture you have in your restaurant. That’s why it’s so important to find a restaurant furniture supply vendor that is as committed to high-quality furniture with form, function, and an impeccable sense of style. Otherwise you may find yourself missing out on the high quality furniture experience you need in your restaurant’s furnishings.

Finding the right bar stools and other bar furniture for your restaurant might be a little bit more of a challenge than you initially thought however. That’s where the expertise of the highly trained Nextrend staff and their passion for furniture can help you get the best furniture for your money and the style you have in mind for your restaurant, bar, pub, or club. Here are just a few of the things you need to keep in mind as you check out your restaurant furniture supply options.

Showing is so much better than telling when it comes to stylish tastes. A restaurant’s furniture needs to the first -flavour- indicator restaurant guests and patrons see. It’s not just about the kind of food you’re serving but the overall atmosphere you’re promoting in your restaurant. It’s one of the first things people will notice about your restaurant and can make all the difference in the world for people struggling to choose between two different restaurants to try.

Believe it or not, comfort plays a critical role in whether or not people will come back to your restaurant. There are some things you can sacrifice, when it comes to restaurant furniture supply choices but comfort is not one of them – at least not if you want to have repeat business (which is the life-blood of any restaurant business). The more comfortable people are in your restaurant the more likely they will be to come back and recommend you to people they know.

Don’t forget to take a long look at the costs – and what those costs entail – when comparing one restaurant supply business to another. Nextrend prides itself on offer only high-quality furniture but at a price that’s affordable for restaurants of all sizes. We believe that quality doesn’t have to bear an astronomical cost and work hard to deliver the very best of both in the furniture we supply. Other factors that impact costs include: warranty coverage, replacement expenses, and depreciation.

While the warranty on furniture doesn’t always guarantee a specific lifespan or amount of durability on restaurant furniture it’s often a good indicator of how long the life span is anticipated to be. This is a good indicator of how long you should anticipate needing to replace the furniture with normal restaurant use and should be factored into the total expected costs of the furniture you purchase. The longer the warranty lasts, the more you can afford to pay upfront for the purchase of the furniture.

There are many reasons one restaurant furniture supply venue may be a good fit for you. However, when you find one that offers an excellent combination of service, style, cost and quality; it’s hard to find a reason to look any further. Let Nextrend be your next stop in your search for restaurant furniture.