Kookaburra Hotel: Before and After the Nextrend Hotel Furniture Fitout

Posted on September 23rd, 2015

Nextrend Fitout - Kookaburra Hotel[Last Update February 16th, 2017  ] The popular Kookaburra Hotel has always maintained a cosy ambience that patrons love. However, the furniture in the dining area was not very comfortable for customers.

The original timber chairs featured throughout the dining room are more commonly seen in residential furnishing stores for home-use dining. While they suited the decor of the establishment nicely, they also feature hard timber bases which can be uncomfortable when sitting down for a length of time.

A simple consultation with a commercial furniture specialist showed that a quick and easy fitout with specifically designed commercial restaurant chairs will be beneficial. The only change made was to replace the original rustic, country-look timber chairs with stylish, sleek Taffita Chairs from Nextrend Furniture.

The entire fitout took only a few hours to replace the seating, so there was minimal disruption to business overall. Yet the end result is a spectacular lift in the ambience, coupled with an increased comfort level for patrons.

A spokesperson from the Kookaburra Hotel was quoted as saying of the new dining room chairs that “they raise the bar” and also that “they look warm and comfortable”.

Taffita Chairs

The Taffita chairs offer cushioned seats that provide comfort to diners while enjoying their meal. The chairs also have higher backs than the previous seats used in the establishment.

These high-backed seats are covered in darker timber colour and have dark brown vinyl seat covers, bringing out the warm atmosphere of the dining room and making it feel even more inviting.

The Taffita restaurant chairs are designed specifically to suit the hospitality industry. For establishment owners, strong, durable, and high quality furnishing means greater savings because it will incur less costs in replacing or repairing inferior chairs, making them extremely cost-effective.

Nextrend - Taffita ChairBuilt using kiln-dried solid rubberwood, the chairs are made to withstand constant traffic and repeated usage in busy areas. Designed with a U-shaped leg rail which provide additional support, the Taffita chairs are extremely durable. Additionally, Nextrend’s range of restaurant seating comes with a 2 year structural warranty.

The padded seats are covered with a vinyl cover, available in a standard dark brown to match the warm timber colour. Custom vinyl colours on the seat cushions are also available if clients prefer a different colour scheme.

We are specialists in supplying high quality furniture designed for the hospitality industry. Our warehouse carry a large stockholding of all the items in our ranges and we can arrange fast, efficient delivery to ensure any fit-out or refurbishment project is completed with minimal fuss or delay.

Along with our comfortable and stylish restaurant chairs, we can also supply a quality range of restaurant tables, outdoor seating, bar furniture and even furnishings to suit hotels and motels. Whether you are furnishing a traditional restaurant setting or a modern alfresco area, Nextrend Furniture has the ideal commercial furniture solution to help you achieve the look and feel you want.


Increase Revenue with Outdoor Cafe Tables and Chairs

Posted on September 23rd, 2015

Outdoor cafe tables and chairs can be the ideal way for any establishment owner to seat more patrons without overcrowding the indoor space available. Many restaurant and cafe owners already take advantage of the ability to extend their premises by making use of outdoor dining locations. This might be a relaxed al fresco dining situation or an outdoor setting for licensed premises.

Choosing Outdoor Cafe Furniture

It is no secret that many customers love to sit outside to enjoy a quiet coffee or a meal, especially in the warmer months. In order to take advantage of this preference, you may need to consider which style and design of furnishing will best suit your establishment.

If you expect high traffic in your outdoor dining area, you will need to consider durability of the furniture you choose. This may mean opting for heavy-duty plastic chairs and aluminium tables. Many of the newer chair designs available are very stylish and are designed specifically for use in cafes and restaurants.

You may prefer to try and keep your outdoor furnishings as similar as possible to any indoor decor you already have. This helps you continue a design theme and ambience throughout the whole establishment.

In any event, it is still wise to consider how the furniture you choose will withstand exposure to the elements over time.

Seaside cafes may want to furnish a balcony or footpath location to take advantage of ocean views. This may mean considering a comfortable low table with sofa-style seating in a wicker style to capture that whole seaside ambience. Just keep in mind that timber or wicker will need to be treated to reduce warping or cracking due to moisture or heat.

Licensed premises and bars may also want to extend the design theme through to bar furniture as well. It is possible to select bar stools and tables that match other forms of cafe dining tables and chairs, which is ideal if you do not want to compromise on design or style.

Some businesses may prefer to use smaller cafe tables, designed to seat only two or three people. This is ideal for busy cafes that tend to get a lot of smaller groups in throughout the business day.

However, if you are likely to receive bookings from larger groups you may want to consider choosing tables that can be placed together to seat larger parties. Alternatively, there is also the option of using folding trestle tables for those bigger crowds.

Finally, if you do not intend to leave your outdoor furniture outside overnight, you may want to consider choosing chairs that are easily stackable. This reduces the time taken for staff to close up for the evening and makes it much easier for them to set up again the following day.

Wholesale Hospitality Furniture Suppliers

Nextrend specialises in providing high-quality furniture to the hospitality industry. They carry a large range of stock, so refurbishing an entire restaurant or completing a design fit-out for a new establishment is quick and easy. There is minimal downtime required waiting for delivery of furniture, so the project can be completed quickly.

The team at Nextrend will happily provide you with a free quote on any of their extensive furniture range. We are confident you will be thrilled with our competitive prices, so call today and discuss your hospitality furniture needs with one of our friendly staff.

How to Save on Your Business’s Commercial Furniture

Posted on September 23rd, 2015

The hospitality industry is clearly one that relies heavily on getting all of the furniture that they need because without these, the primary functions of the business will not be realised. For an instance, a bar cannot serve its customers if there are no bar furniture such as bar stools and counters and a hotel will not be as inviting if it does not have the homely hotel furniture such as beds, sofas, tables, etc.

If you are planning to start your own business in this industry, you must know that investing in good commercial furniture is a priority. As a matter of fact, it is even more of a major concern since this is an investment that will consume a huge percentage of your capital.

Nextrend - Commercial Furniture

With a good business mindset, it is easy to understand that getting optimum quality in your furniture is always a must. This applies to both the practical and aesthetical sense, meaning, these should be durable and visually appealing at the same time. Typically, you would get the notion that you will need to spend money for the furniture. However, there are actually ways in which you can save up on your commercial furniture without having to compromise on the quality. The following are a few tips on how you can do so.

  • Consider leasing instead of actually buying. Since you are just starting, it would serve you well to spend as less as you can without having to slow down the establishment of your business. Leasing is one approach that allows you to do so by not forcing you to pay in lump sum. Instead, you will be under a contract for a certain period of time in which you will have to pay in installments.
  • Do not fall for cheap prices. If you are willing to spend money anyway, ensure that you are getting top quality furniture. This actually prevents you from considerable expense because your furniture will last for a very long time. For any type of hospitality furniture, cheap almost always means a compromise on the overall quality of the product. Buying affordable restaurant furniture is a choice you might eventually regret, because customers will be constantly complaining about how uncomfortable their seat is. On the other hand, if you are opening a pub, durability should be a great concern since it often gets intense in these establishments when arguments arise and the regulars get worked up. Of course, durability in furniture is always a priority regardless of what type of business you will have.
  • Do not go overboard on your design efforts. When it comes to furniture, the more intricate the design is, the more expensive it will be. The truth is that you do not always have to put too much effort in this design department, even if it is club furniture you are looking for. Often, it is the simplicity that draws the attention of people. With proper styling, you do not need to waste your money on elaborately designed furniture.

With these few tips in mind while buying the furniture that your business requires. Keep in mind that finding trustworthy suppliers is the first thing to consider. Nextrend Furniture is a trustworthy Australia contract furniture supplier; we help our clients choose the best-suited furniture for them in consideration of their needs and budget.

How to Pick the Right Restaurant Table Top

Posted on September 23rd, 2015

Selecting the right furniture for your restaurant or club is an important decision. There’s no doubt about that. Sometimes it’s hard to take note of all the important details that should be folded into this ever-so-important decision. While there are many things you might want to consider, some things are more important than others. Here are a few of the top things to keep in mind so that your decision about the right restaurant table top for your needs can be the best possible for your business.

How Versatile do the Table Tops Need to Be?

Some restaurants operate indoors and out. Some restaurants cater to small audiences and focus on room for groups of two or four while others are more likely to accommodate larger groups of people. Other restaurants need to have the flexibility to handle both and be able to switch back and forth quickly and easily. You need to think about your general needs for the day to day operation of your business and decide, based on the greater need in your business, which choice is better for you.

If you frequently switch back and forth from large to small groups you might want to consider table tops that can be placed on top of other table taps to extend them or make them larger. This is rather simple to do, especially in restaurants that have table cloths because the new table top configuration doesn’t have to be picture perfect. It’s a great way to add four or more seats at a table without investing a lot of extra time to do so.

Upscale dining establishments are wise to consider this when large parties come in so that you can use the existing open tables without needing to rearrange tables or people. Couple the table top with a well-designed plastic stacking chair for every additional place setting you’re putting out and no one will know the difference.

How Well Does the Table fit into Your Budget?

It’s also important to understand exactly what your needs are and how much budget you can afford in order to accomplish those needs. Establishing a budget is necessary not only to prevent you from spending money you can’t afford to spend on furniture for your restaurant like pricey outdoor cafe tables, but also so you know what the limits are going into the purchase and can negotiate aggressively to get the best possible value for your money.

Whether you’re purchasing one outdoor cafe table, a large stack of folding trestle tables, or all the cafe chairs Sydney has to offer, you need to make a point of sticking to your budget. It does no good to find the prettiest, most stylish restaurant outdoor chair in all of Australia if you can only manage to work one of them into your budget. Not many people want to dine outside alone, after all.

When you’re buying pub bar furniture and restaurant furniture alike, it always needs to be done with the future in mind. Versatility and price are important for bars furniture but they aren’t the only story by any means. Pay attention to the comfort of furniture, the style of the furniture, and how long the average life of the furniture happens to be before you make your final choice.

How to Furnish Your House with Contract Furniture

Posted on September 23rd, 2015

You might think that contract furniture only belongs in a cafe, bar, or hotel suite, but there are many possibilities for the wide varieties of chairs, couches, tables, and stools that continue to push the boundaries of style and design. One possibility is to fill your home with these comfortable and showcase-worthy pieces. From the foyer to the living room to the master bedroom and even the bathrooms, here are some instances where hospitality furniture can truly make your home pop.

Cafe and Bar Furniture in the Kitchen

Nextrend - Bar & Pub Furniture

The kitchen is a place to cook and entertain friends and family, but no one said that it has to be stocked with the same old traditional furniture. Cafe furniture can add eloquence and charm to any kitchen atmosphere, which will make friendly gatherings and family get-togethers particularly memorable. Cafe tables and cafe chairs are only two categories of furniture that will make your kitchen truly stand out. Bar stools are another option if you have an elevated bar or counter area to suit them.

Club Furniture in the Living Room

Nextrend - Club Living room Furniture

Have you ever been to club that featured plush or leather couches, ottomans, and tub chairs in various modern design choices? While these commercial furniture selections look perfectly at home bathed in multi-coloured or even strobe lights, they will look even better perfectly situated in your living room in front of the TV.

Both club and hotel furniture will make your guests want to snuggle in and stay awhile. With the right couches, loveseats, ottomans, and chairs, you might have a hard time getting anyone to leave. The good news is that bar, hotel, and restaurant chairs come in a variety of styles, colours, and materials, allowing you to find the best fit for your tastes and preferences.

Cafe Furniture in your Outdoor Area

Cafe Furniture - Chairs - nextrend

Outdoor cafe tables and chairs are specifically designed to withstand rain, sunlight, and other weather conditions. You can put your patio or backyard to maximum use by placing some outdoor cafe furniture where you can sit and relax. Enjoying a good meal outdoors will be made possible if you have comfortable, stylish, and durable furniture.

Restaurant Furniture Throughout

Nextrend - Cafe & Restaurant Furniture

Imagine having a tall table with stools surrounding it in your dining room, a loveseat in your bathroom or a booth and table in your bedroom. Do not confine yourself to what you think seems normal or natural. Interior designers make their money by going against the grain and by placing furniture in places that most people do not consider. Instead of hiring one of these interior designers, why not do the job yourself? Really stretch the limits of your imagination and the home design process and look for locations to place contract and commercial furniture selections throughout your home. These pieces will look perfect inside your home, outside your home, and even in your garage.

As you can see, contract furniture has many uses and it is not solely for bars, restaurants, pubs, motels and hotels any longer. If you walk through your home and you can manage to ignore your current furniture choices, you just might find new and innovative locations to place the newest and most eye-catching furniture selections from world renowned manufacturers located all over the world.

To see a full list of these furniture pieces and to revolutionise your home with hospitality and commercial furniture, browse through the wide selection on the Nextrend Furniture website. With the latest furniture ranges and at prices you would not believe, your home is about to get a Nextrend makeover. Visit today to place your order with one of our professional and skilled representatives.